Differences between Ksys1 and Ksys3 conveyor Systems
There is only 1 major difference between the Ksys1 and the Ksys3 conveyor.  The Ksys1 is powder coated and the Ksys3 is nickel plated. Why powder coating? There are several reasons   1.  Powder coating is very durable.  2.  It is cost effective and 3.  It hides ink.  I do not care how careful a company is you will always get ink on the conveyor.  Black wrinkle powder coat hides the ink very well. 
Why do we make the Ksys3 conveyor?  Appearance.
Some customers like the look of nickel plated (which looks like Stainless Steel)  to match the look of their lines and nickel plating is less expensive than stainless steel.