Left Motor,  Motor includes wiring, P/N 40019
Motor,  Right Side, P/N 40019 Motors include wiring and are interchangable
Top Plate,  Left Side
Belt Guide Adjustment Holes
Product detector holder 10-32 screw hole
Product Detector Block Assembly P/N 90058
Base Plate, P/N  90050
Plastic Cap P/N 60010,  Cover for belt tensioner assembly
Carrier Assembly
                             Lifter Rod,
Controller,  Includes wiring for both motors and mounting plate P/N  10049
Spacer,  w/o guard holes P/N 40018
Spacer w holes for guard P/N 40019
Belt,  P/N 40022 Seamless,  1 per side
Product Plate P/N 40010
Wheels,  locking, P/N 10036,
Non locking P/N 10037
Plastic Cap P/N 60010
Leveler P/N10035
Plate Assembly
Carrier Assembly
Product Plate and Micro-adjuster
Frame Assembly
Breakdown of Conveyor System
Product Detect Assembly