About the Ksys family of conveyors
The Ksys family of conveyors were created in 2006 to overcome the inherent problems with coding on the bottom of product with the current types of conveyors.  This included the placement of the printhead,  ease of accesiblity to printhead,  setting up the conveyor for different product types and movement of conveyor from one line to another.  The Ksys family of conveyors was engineered by a former Videojet®  technician with over 20 years experience working on Videojet® printers.  Our exclusive and inclusive printhead micro-adjuster allows for small movements of the printhead for precise coding on product.  In addition to the micro-adjuster our unique height adjuster makes changing product sizes quick and easy.  Other inventive items with our conveyors is the ability to easily tension the belts without using any specialized tools.  Our belt guide adjustment allows the user to fully utilize the entire amount of  belting.  Because of the way we make our printhead holder,  it does not matter what type of printer your company has or if they have a variety of printer types,  changing the printhead holder is quick and simple.
Side View of Ksys3 with side and bottom printing holders