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Will work on ANY type of printer  , i.e.  Videojet ®, Domino® , Citronix® because we INCLUDE (which can quickly be changed if you have different types of printers)

The print head holder and product detect holder  are included with our system !!,  

No extra parts are required t o be built or purchased to run our conveyor with your system.  Our micro-adjuster (Unique and  Inclusive to our system) makes small movements of the print head quick and easy

Setup time is minutes,  not hours, reducing cost per product..


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 KH Systems Rancho Dominguez CA       Fax:  310-608-1811    Email:  bottomcoding

Designed for easy  bottom coding of  product,  yet it can also print on top,  and sides without having to make holder for the print head.  Transportable,  Quick setup,  Virtually eliminates damage to printer umbilical due to accessing the holder  

Manual for Ksys1 conveyor

Ksys1 Specs

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